10 Commandments of Pep Guardiola

10 Commandments of Pep Guardiola

Game Model of Pep Guardiola by Perarnau, M. (2016)

1. Ball Possession: possession is only a tool.

2. Numerical superiority in defense and numerical or positional in the center of the field:

3. Maximum width of the field to find the greatest possible depth, combining them with sequences of passes to attract opponents and free an attacker for their individual duel:

4. Place the players on different lines to facilitate the start of the game and the compact advancement:

5. Search for “3rd man” in all actions of construction of the game and “free men” between pressure lines of the opposing team (“3rd man” = search for “free man” from a triangle):

6. Defensive protection through possession of the ball (as Pep Guardiola says: “the best way to cool a warm environment is to have the ball”) and the selective use of pressure after its loss:

7. Respect the positions, encouraging the exchange of players in them, and giving priority to be the ball arriving to the player who is waiting for it and not vice versa:

8. Excellence in the technical gesture, including in relation to the body position in the reception and in the pass, and look for passes that improve the position of the teammate:

9. Maximum intensity in all moments of the game, understood as concentration capacity.

10. Dominant position in the field (reflected in the advanced defensive line) and clearly offensive orientation:


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By Pedro Mendonça

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