Oct 5, 2017
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1v1 to goal session – 3. GAME

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Game related practice:

The team that starts with the ball plays 3v2 with the aim of having someone in their time dribble the ball forward into the 1v1 to goal. Everytime your team scores a goal they get to go again, turning to face the team on the other half of the pitch.

When defenders prevent a goal or win the ball they get to become the 3 attackers.

Essentially a 3v2 aiming to create a 1v1 to goal

Possible progressions:

Similar to before depending on what you wish to work on/add to your session. You can start to allow attackers to join in the final zone meaning it is 2 or even 3v1, you can allow defenders to recover into this zone once the ball goes in or you can build all this up gradually and finish on a full game.

To aid success you can add a player who plays for the team in possession
To challenge players you can minimize touches
To work on forward runs you can take away being allowed to dribble into the final zone and it now must be a pass

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