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Bernd Stober: ‘Directing opposition attacks’

Bernd Stober: German FA (DFB) Youth Coach. In this article we show one of his favorite practice present in UEFA Magazine – The Technician. Videos and images created by sports software TacticalPad.


Philosophy (Active ball-winning as a principle of the German FA): – Remaining active every second of the game, even when the opposition has the ball, is part of the playing strategy for our youth teams. The players’ actions remain forward-looking and ‘attack-orientated’ at all times. The only difference when the opposition has the ball is that the attacking objective is initially not the opponents’ goal, but rapid retrieval of possession. Principle:  – After the opponent plays the pass – either to the winger or to the midfield – the midfielders press tightly. The recipient of the pass is therefore put under pressure and attacked. Training:  – In order to rehearse the basic tactical principles and running patterns of this key element of our playing strategy, our training sessions regularly include a systematically structured and coached Gk + 8 v 8 exercise. Image: Bernd Stober Organisation: – The basic formation involves eight players on a three-quarter length pitch, attacking a goal with a goalkeeper. We do not use any central defenders, since they are not directly involved in this important tactical exercise. – The (simulated) opposition team, meanwhile, also has eight players, but their target consists of three small goals behind the halfway line. The opponents must dribble through the two wider goals, or pass the ball through the middle goal. Variations: – If the next opponent is expected to play with two strikers, we do not use them in this training exercise. However, if three strikers are anticipated, we remove one attacking midfielder and the central striker. VIDEO:
Pedro Mendonça

Pedro Mendonça

About Pedro Mendonça: Real Madrid Foundation - Football Coach/Professor. UEFA B Football Coach. Physical Education Teacher. Author of: "Tactical Periodization: A Practical Application for the Game Model of FC Bayern Munich"


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