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Arrigo Sacchi – ‘Technical-Tactical Exercise aimed at keeping the Team Short and Tight when attacking the ball in opponent possession’

GK+10 – ‘6 Flag Pressure’ – This exercise concerns the defensive strategy of the whole team. – The action takes place using the all field with 6 colored flags place accordingly to represent the position of the ball in the opponent’s possession. – When the coach calls the color the team must attack that position while respecting partners and distances so as to form a single block. – In the following example we can see how the team must arrange itself in respect of the red flag: player #7 can, if necessary, double the marking of the opponent with the ball, represented by the red flag. – The exercise may be performed slowly for instructional aims or by feints and starts to train specific skills. – In the zone play strategy, in fact, each player must take into account the position of the ball and of his teammates, not the one of a particular opponent. – The Goalkeeper too, must follow the action and take a position enabling him to antecipate the opposing forwards in case of long passes for which the offside trap as not worked. red – In the next picture the team is correctly placed in respect of the black flag. Besides the position of the back and midfield lines, which have already been deal with, it is important to note the position of the forwards. Player #9 closes down the eventual back pass, while player #10 closes down the eventual center pass. black – Here we can see the team arranged in respect of the white flag. white – And finally here is how the team must arrange itself in respect of the yellow flag. – In this case, double marking is recommended. yellow Video: 3D Video:   From: Coaching the Italian 4-4-2 with Arrigo Sacchi
Pedro Mendonça

Pedro Mendonça

About Pedro Mendonça: Real Madrid Foundation - Football Coach/Professor. UEFA B Football Coach. Physical Education Teacher. Author of: "Tactical Periodization: A Practical Application for the Game Model of FC Bayern Munich"


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  1. Hi PNeves90,
    thanks for your comment. The drill you wrote about is part of a study by Pedro about Arrigo Sacchi’s work. Absolutely no conceit by us judging and evaluating this world football coach master work.
    You find it here for study purposes to all who will be able to take the innovative part of his work and translate it into more contemporary training forms.
    We will be happy if it can be useful to you too and if you can suggest to all of tacticalpedia users your personal approach to the subject.
    You’ll be glad to know that we appreciate a more situational approach to training, ever. As you can see our motto is ‘Play, Learn’.
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