Counter attacks could start as well after retaining possession, or losing possession. In this drill, the playing field is divided into 2 halves.

Rules: teams in possession must keep the ball for set number of passes in only their half. The defending team allowed to press in their zone. 1 player of each team in the next zone.

After the decided set number of passes is complete, the team in possession send the ball to the next zone and the pre assigned players take part in the counter attack. The coach could set few seconds as time range for the team in possession to send the ball up, or restrict them to just one touch.

However, whenever the defenders win the ball they counter attack by passing the ball up with one touch without the need to transfer through zones if possible.

Progression: the coach may allow the team in possession to retain the ball closer to the target player at their zone. When they transfer the play up, they have to skip their zone in thr middle.

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