Jan 5, 2018
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4v2 rondo to goal – 1. 4V2 RONDO TO GOAL

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players are set into 3 teams of 2 and 2 teams play against the other to keep possession in a rondo. The player who gives the ball away must react quickly along with his/her team mate to win it back before the defenders who won the ball can score a goal meaning the player who gave it away and their team mate is now in the middle.

The outside team of 4 are looking to make 10 passes then finish on goal making this a quick 1/2 touch combination play to goal exercise.

If you win it back before the defenders win and score then the rondo simply continues

Possible progressions:

– 1 touch
– must score with a header or volley
-anytime you split the two defenders with a pass the receiving player can then turn and shoot or lay another player off to shoot even if 10 passes has yet to be reacher.. this encourages patients to create the split pass but once it’s made the attacking team are through the lines and become ruthless to score a goal quickly

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