Germany reached the 4th star in Brazil’s World Cup 2014

The starting XI:

Equipa Tipo

Now we will show how they usually started the creation step in the offensive game (focusing on progressing, breaking opponent defensive lines)…

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1. Short passing since start:

The goal was to start playing shortly since back, the goalkeeper always trying to begin the attack with the ball close to one of his defenders.

Sair a jogar Curto

Primarily the goalkeeper passed to one of the defender, but when not possible, the movement used was Lahm going to the center area, bringing his opponent, allowing the defensive midfielder (in this case Khedira) to receive the ball freely in the side line.

Sair a jogar Curto - Lateral Dentro

2. Long ball from behind:

When it was not possible to play shortly due to opponents marking, Germany used the long ball, preferentilay from Neuer to Muller (tallest player good in air) how tried to touch to Klose, moving in his back. The rest of the players immediately get close to assure they could get the ‘2nd ball’

Sair a jogar Longo

3. Using GK to move the ball from side to side:

When there was pressure in this first phase, they used the Goalkeeper to keep their playing mode. This way, Neuer was continuouly moving close to the ball giving an option to the ball keeper. Neuer showed his good skills in passing, always precise with both feet

GR para retirar bola da zdp

4. Dynamic usage of the 3rd man:

When the ball was with one of the centerbacks and there was opponent pressure using the forward to prevent the side pass. The defensive midfield became an option for this linkage.

3º Homem

5. Putting the ball in the sideback when reached opponents back:

The sidebacks, usually Lahm, showed great focus and intelligence, taking the opportunities when the opponent gave free space to progress in the side the side. The centerbacks showed perfect timing putting the ball to them.

Lateral ganha costas do adv

6. Sob pressão intensa colocar a bola longa nos jogadores mais avançados:

O portador da bola em zonas mais recuadas sempre que sofria uma pressão intensa dos adversários e ficava sem opção de sair a jogar desde trás, colocava a bola longa para os seus avançados. Normalmente a bola era colocada para o Ponta de Lança que a tentava desviar para a entrada dos Extremos nas suas costas. Restantes jogadores subiam de imediato no terreno de jogo de forma a garantir o ganho das “2as bolas”.

Jogar Longo

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