An introduction to finishing

Finishing is typically identified as one of the more difficult moments in the game to master. The reasons for this are obvious in that due to lack of time and space, close to the opponents goal technique (skill) must be precise. Add to this moment the adrenaline rush of being close enough to score and the roars and screams of the parents (crowd) and you begin to understand the mental pressure as a youth player goes to the frame.

How anyone can believe that the best way to prepare youth players for this moment is by putting them in a line or a drill is quite frankly beyond my levels of comprehension. I have yet to find a kid who gets and adrenaline rush when standing in a line



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Tim Bradbury

Tim Bradbury

DOC ENYYSA ,USSF A,NSCAA Master coach, US youth NYC instructor, B. Ed , NSCAA National Staff,US Soccer Regional staff, DIr of coaching development SUSA

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