Arrigo Sacchi





  • The exercise get the Midfielders and the Backs used to looking for a very quick and freeing pass, finding the right time for the movement and for the shoot at goal.
  • The game is on a 40x20m field divided into two identical sectors.
  • 2 Midfielders and 1 Back play in the outer square, in the square close to the goal two Forwards compete with 2 Backs and the GoalKeeper.
  • In the outer square the game is at 2 touches and the 2 Midfielders must serve the Forwards without getting behind their boundaries line.
  • For the 2 Forwards playing on the other square the game is not restricted. They must try to get quickly to shoot at goal, finding their movements and choosing when to free themselves from the marking player.
  • As alternative the exercise may be carried out on a narrowed field with competition between 1 Forward and 1 Back. The theme is the same, to find the right time to sprint, to pass the ball and to shoot at goal.


3D Video:


Coaching the Italian 4-4-2 with Arrigo Sacchi


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