Arrigo Sacchi

3v2 – 3 Backs vs 2 Forwards




  • This exercise gets the Forwards used to sacrifice himself’s in the careful job of carrying the action started by the opposing defenders.
  • 2 Forwards counter 3 opposing Backs in a 30x15m rectangle placed in the center of one half of the field.
  • The game is not restricted to a fix number of maximum touches.
  • The aim is to train the Forwards to intercept the ball and to shoot at goal or at least to make the Backs start the action along the sides.
  • The Forwards score a point when they intercept the ball and score into the free goal.
  • The Backs score a point when, keeping the ball or by dribbling, they pass the end zone of the rectangle.
  • Action outside the side limits is not considered valid.



Coaching the Italian 4-4-2 with Arrigo Sacchi



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