Sep 9, 2016
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Arrigo Sacchi – GK+10v7+GK – ‘Exercise to develop looking for attack schemes and avoiding the opponent pressure’

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Objective: Be able to play attack schemes even under constant pressure by the opponents.

– This exercise is to be carry out using the all field by a team of 11 players against one team of 8 players.

– It is compulsory for the 7 reserve players (plus GoalKeeper) to pressurize the 11 players of the starting team, even behond reason, to train them to find attack solutions by constantly free themselves from the marking player.

– The opponents in inferiority numbers guarantee’s the certainty of free players to the starting team and is useful to get the player reading the action accustomed to looking for continuous switches in the direction of the play.

– The view of the play, the decision making quickness and the repetition of passes are the elements which lead to success.

From: Coaching the Italian 4-4-2 with Arrigo Sacchi


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