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Updating TacticalPad – Windows

Updating TacticalPad Windows is really simple. Keep it always with the latest version:

Current Version:

4.6.5 – SOCCER

4.6.0 – FUTSAL



Follow the steps below:

Download the installer from the links below and run it





What’s new 4.6.5:

  • FA (UK) 4 Corners methodology on notes/player notes
  • Players as X and O
  • Dutch

What’s new 4.6:

  • 3D: Player eye-view!
  • Court B&W Futsal and Basketball
  • Custom Football pitch: change only lines
  • 3D: New poses
  • Arabian characters fix
  • Fixes
  • Performance Improvements

What’s new 4.5:

  • Futsal: 3D!
  • Import Project
  • Players substitution
  • Items with custom color

What’s new 4.4:

  • Improvements on custom pitch
  • New training item: Horizontal pole
  • Bibs for players may change between boards
  • Highlight per frame (2D/3D)
  • Trail on ball, increase visibility
  • 3D free general scale
  • Improvements on 3D
  • Lots of fixes and improvements

What’s new 4.3.4:

What’s new 4.2:

  • Improvements and fixes

What’s new 4.2:

  • Perspective view
  • Improvements and fixes

What’s new 4.1.0:

  • Dropbox synchronization
  • New shirts
  • Improvements and fixes

What’s new 4.0.0:

  • Shaded areas
  • Player representation as shirt
  • New flat layout
  • Player representation as Triangles (US Soccer Federation Standards)

What’s new 3.7.2:

  • Video export fix

What’s new 3.7.0:

  • 3D Text!
  • French
  • New:
    * Help
    * layout option
    * Poses
    * Settings

What’s new 3.6.0:

  • Custom items
  • Item rotation/duplication (right click/long press on item)
  • Static objects editable on 3D (move/rotate)
  • Highlight effect also on 2D
  • New 2D goals design
  • 3D representation of custom items
  • Help project containing all features and step by step notes

What’s new 3.5.4:

  • Fixes!

What’s new 3.5.0:

  • Documents export as PDF!
  • Connectors new timeline
  • 2D Goalkeeper with different appearance.
  • 3D static boards edit: move players and items.
  • 3D: new GK poses
  • 3D animation improvements in realism
  • 2D: ball possesion (activate on settings)
  • Quick player notes edit (player popup)
  • Attached videos from Youtube: support non-listed videos
  • Photo analysis (pitch option)
  • Option for Appearance to show player position instead of number
  • 3D Map: show ink drawings
  • New languages: Chinese and Arabic
  • Improvements and fixes

What’s new 3.3.0:

  • 3D Map Overlay
  • Aerial ball – Long ball
  • Full screen Switch
  • Boards sort
  • Youtube Videos on Board’s notes

What’s new 3.2.1:

  • 3D Animation fix

What’s new 3.2.0:

  • 3D Players: pose and orientation
  • New training items
  • Better graphics, ink smoothing
  • New team settings
  • Bug fixes

chape320 img_0727 img_0730

What’s new 3.0.6:

  • 3D animation improvements
  • Automatic license re-activation

What’s new 3.0.5:

  • Player Highlights (3D)
  • Trail (2D/3D)
  • New training items!!!
  • Connectors (2D/3D)
  • Better graphics quality
  • General improvement


effects2What’s new 3.0.0:

  • Connectors (2D/3D)
  • Animated GK (3D)
  • New shirts
  • New document template (multi-boards)
  • New pitch lines options
  • Performance/Visual Improvements

3dWhat’s new 2.8.7:

  • Cards, injuries, goals… to player; view player details; export templates with all this information
  • New 3D options with female adult, boys and girls
  • Export images and videos in vertical orientation
  • Improvements on animation edit
  • Advanced notes for session planning
  • Bug fixes
  • Video tool with text support.
  • Video tool improvements + fixes.

3d badges

What’s new 2.8.2:

  • TacticalPad now has two versions for user to select: Classic (same as before) and the new one, more modern, with new features, like 3D animation, player details, etc.
  • Bug fixes
  • Video tool with text support.


What’s new 2.6.0:

  • Bug fixes
  • Video tool export with ink: Watch the game video, pause, draw, cut, export. Few minutes and a full video analysis is exported with your cuts and annotations.

  • Snapshot analysis:


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