Aug 30, 2017
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Be a Proactive Player – week 2 blue day – 2. OF.&DEF. ORFANIZATION

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Set up: Pitch1) 35x45m; 2) 30x45m; balls, cones Organization: Place 1) Defansive organization-Players play posession 6 vs 5 game on pitch dimension 35x45m. Blue-defending players have the task of defending two side and one central gate. Blue players who take the ball into a re-possesion have the task of transferring the ball over the line. Red players develop stereotypes of colaboration that lead to better organization in attacking action. Red plyers hav the task of transferring the ball through central gate, especially if the ball passes through the side gate and then through central gate. Place 2 ) Ofansive organization-Players play 6 vs 5 game on the pitch dimension 30x45m. Blue-attacking players have the task to develop stereotypes of cooperation it attacking action. Main task is creating chances and achieving goals. Red defansive players task is to get the bal and come over the transverse line. Coaching points: – develop stereotapes colaboration in attack and in defense. – Preparation for the next game – automatization of tactical vision

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