One of the very famous and highly used in elite clubs tactics is the wing player cutting into the box to outnumber the opponents and assist his mates. What we are trying here is to introduce to young players the way to do so. What we have tried here is to direct the focus of the wing player to move into the golden areas where they become highly possible to score goals themselves.

This drill is introductory, the 5 midfield players lined into 2 defensive midfielders one on each side, one attacking midfielder and 2 wing players as well on each side. The coach decides to which side the game goes by passing to one defensive midfielder. The players move according the coach’s instructions to right or left side of the box. They posses the ball and the assigned wing player now starts his role.

Wing player:
Here, as the game has shifted to the right side of the field after the coach has made his pass, the right wing player now is on the move. His mate on the other side works on the lines of the mini field helping his mates to possess the ball. Their aim is to make a right pass to the right wing player once he’s arrived his target area. The other wing player now starts the role to the opposing side of the field. Once done, the coach now takes the ball back and starts a new game on the other side of the small field.

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