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    • PETER 1 month ago

      An opening post should be of value and set the scene. Tell the reader/viewer what the contributer is all about. That is the standard viewpoint. I don’t like standard. I don’t like to repeat. I do like to expand to new audiences and connect with new people.
      All of which creates a small challenge and a question for me to answer. Who am I?
      In this context I am Peter Prickett, author of Developing Skill: A Guide To 3v3 Soccer Coaching, a believer in the use of small sided games, teaching games for understanding and a constraints led approach.
      My choice of video is one that illustrates all of this.

      In the book this is called the Midfielder Game (and unsurprisingly links to Midfielder Game 2). It is one of my favourite practices as it illustrates the decion making that modern midfielders have to make, especially as most teams play with at least three players centrally. Who to support? When to drop? Should I run forward? Do I help by getting closer?

      The aim in these types of practice is to pose tactical questions while still enabling decsion making and technical development. Not always necessarily a game, but moments of a game. A prelude to the bigger picture.

      ***** Book available here *****

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