Set up: Pitch 50x45m, balls, cones …. Organization: Two tams on 50x45m dimension field ply game with specific goals. Blue players play with six players ( Two central and two side defenders and two central midfielders ) and the goalkeeper. Red players also play with six players ( two central midfielders and two side and central attackers ). The goal of the blue players is to play high-quality ball possesion, create chanses and score on one of four small goals that are placed on the longitudinal and transvers lines, and quality defense with compact movement of the last four players and midfielders. Red players gol is a quality defensive game in a specific area and covering specific zones to create an opponent`s offensive action. Coachu+ing points: – Good ball possesion game – Coordinated movement of players in lines – Quality transition – Quality of decision making – Prediction and prevention of passing to specific zones Duration 2×8 min; r/t 2min.

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