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541 drill – 4-5-1

541 drill – 4-5-1


Penetration v Possession in 4-5-1

5 v 3 Rondo. The only way to score is to make a first time pass into the next half of thr playing area after a minimum of 5 passes.

But be patient and make the pass when it will be most affective. Examples of the pass could be into the striker, a through pass for a CAM or a pass down the wing for a wide forward to run onto.

When this is achieved 3 players can aid the striker (but 2 must stay to provide the team with balance.) This creates a momentary 4 v 2 but the 3 defenders from the rondo will also be transfering to come and stop the attack.

If attackers can be ruthless get a chance on goal as soon as possible, if the chance doesn’t create itself quickly then play back to the 2 holding players and build again. When ball is passed back 3 defenders need to go press in the half of the ball

Consider: When defenders win the ball they could play it forward to the 2 holding players of the other team for a point, and as with most Rondo’s the player who gave the ball away could now become a defender swapping with the player that won it

Lots of coaching oppertunities in regards to how you want your team to rotate in this formation, who supports the attack and how, who provides balance?

Another alternative is if the defenders win the ball go and attack/score in a goal at the otehr end to test how good your 2 players actually are at slowing down counter attackers.


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