Three teams tournament

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Activity aimed at the clash between defense and attack, which is working with three teams alternating in the role on the pitch. Competition occurs as follows:

Divide the field in 3 zones with two goals and two goalkeepers. Divide also the team in 3 groups, balancing defenders midfielders and strikers. The space in the middle must have no tackle. The game starts with the blue team that tries to score in the goal like in the picture. The white team must defend with more players under the ball line. If the white team intercepts the ball, they must be able to guide the ball in the free space overtaking the opposition of the blue team. If the white team enters in the middle space, they organize an offensive phase and start attacking the yellow team. The yellow team can’t tackle in the middle space so they must wait for the white team in the defensive zone.


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By Pedro Mendonça

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