Six training solutions inspired by EU top clubs

Players combine in a triangle before
releasing ball into the box for the three
After each shot players move
to there next position to keep
game flowing

ESERCIZIO 63……..23.9.2017

In questa esercitazione abbiamo inizialmente due squadre composte da 7 elementi + 1 jolly che sono disposti come segue :
•-tNella metà campo sinistra avremo un 5vs4 (5 blu contro 4 rossi) + 1 jolly , con i due esterni blu (2 e 3) che giocano oltre la linea laterale come sponde esterne .
•-tNella metà campo destra avremo un 3vs2 (3 attaccanti rossi contro due difensori blu) che si svolge in forma analitica senza alcuna conclusione in porta (si cercano solamente i movimenti di marcamento e copertura da parte dei difensori) .
Nella metà campo sinistra la squadra blu dovrà cercare il gol ; in caso di gol l’azione riparte sempre dalla squadra blu che attacca la linea difensiva rossa, mentre in caso di riconquista da parte dei rossi, questa viene giocata immediatamente sui 3 compagni attaccanti nella metà campo opposta per giocare contro la squadra rossa : alla riconquista infatti i due terzini rossi si sposteranno velocemente al di fuori della linea laterale della metà campo opposta ed insieme a questi anche il jolly n. 8 a giocare un nuovo 5vs4 + 1 jolly nella metà campo opposta, mentre i terzini blu n. 2 e 3 rientreranno velocemente a riprendere la posizione e ricomporre una linea difensiva con i compagni blu n. 5 e 6. Pertanto dall’altra parte avremo la situazione ribaltata con u8n 3vs2 degli attaccanti blu n. 7,9,11 contro i difensori centrali n. 5 e 6.
Si continua in questo m0odo per il tempo stabilito dal Mister.
Vince la squadra che ha eseguito il numero maggiore di transizioni dopo riconquista.

Defend vs Attacking 2v2 into 4v4

small sided game with both teams given the task of scoring in and protecting 2 goals.

Attacking, play with width and play quick - spread the opposition to get success in the middle of the park and score a goal

Defense, transition quick to defend central goals and keep attackers out wide

Number 10 training

The number 10 player, if with the required ability, can be a part of goal scoring with a header. In this drill, more advanced and demanding skills are added. The drill starts in a box up in the field where both number 10 players compete for the ball. The winning player’s team line to become the team in possession and the other’s become the defending team. The neutral number 9 makes the movement to creating the angle and the space for number 10 to assist him. The first wave done, now number 10 and under the pressure of the opponent’s number 10 gets into one of the right or left boxes, whichever more open for him. He receives a pass by the side player, 1v1 situation with the marking player. Now, he should make a decision, pass to a mate or shoot. The final wave is receiving a cross from the other side and try to head the ball. The 3 waves done, now the core of most of the drill I devise, TRANSITION.

Defending crosses as a back 4

Free play in areas as before and coach what you see/need to address in the game

Pre season passing and moving

4v4 (+2)

the 8 cones go on the outside and its a competition to knock over the most - best of 8 wins

2 touch play

Passing to play forward

Passing to play forward game - 3v3+1 with the aim of hitting the target player and scoring off him/her can minimize touches to challenge players

Driven Forward Pass

Passing to play forward game - 3v3+1 with the aim of hitting the target player and scoring off him/her can minimize touches to challenge players

Overlapping progression

This is the more advanced situation for full backs before the overlap. They undergo physical burden as well as tactical and technical work. They communicate better while working with the team in possession. Both full backs compete while sprinting. But the decision whether right or left back takes the next role depends on wether the ball in the right or left possession zone. This also obliges the players in possession to be aware of the closest full back and where they must send the ball next. After the finish of the attack, TRANSITION

Across the face run animated

5v5 in the middle with the players trying to play into striker then support him. 3 can support like the drill and once the ball goes into the strikers area the defenders can recover

433 Playing through the lines

Playing Through the Lines Progression from previous exercise, now full backs can join attacks or go and press opposition full backs. One player from each team is allowed in the middle zone, this may be a forward dropping deep or a supporting midfielder, either way it should create good 1v1 battles and opportunities to by pass these players and play through the lines. If full back comes in middle zone the player already in there must vacate with the best option being to overlap into full back zone to provide width for the team. Progression: Remove zones and play

Be a Proactive Player – week 2 pre-activation

Set up: Pitch 100x65; balls, cones ... Organization: Players play the game in short sequences. Every each subsequent is in conection with one of the set pieces. Coaching points: - Automatization of stereotypes in set pieces - good positioning - quality of finishing
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