Coordination exercises


Two ore more players are placed at the bottom and at the top of a square space and they must exchange their positions, passing through different kinds of coordinative exercises. The player 1 runs through the speed ladder in front of him and plays a wall pass with the player 2 who then decides the side where we wants to run through to come back at the starting point; he can choose between the left side with another speed ladder and cycles and the right one with speed ladder and stakes. The player who started the exercise must run up through the side not used by the player 2.



In a space divided in two parts, two players are placed with the ball at the left bottom corners and two without at the right tops. The players without the ball decide where to start to carry out a coordination exercise; they can choose to use the speed ladder, the step in the centre or the obstacles. When they run out of the exercise, they play wall passes with the players in possession; after the control of the return pass, the players exchange the possession and the players now without the ball must run back passing through the other two equipments to acrry out a coordinative exercise too. The sequences start in the same way.


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