World Cup Brasil 2014 – Louis Van Gaal (Netherlands head coach)

Louis Van Gaal is the head coach of Netherlands for the WC Brasil 2014.

Borned in Amsterdam in August 8th, 1951.

As a professional player was a midfielder for Antuérpia, Telstar, Sparta de Roterdão and AZ Alkmaar.

Combined with his career he studied physical education working for many years as a gymnastics teacher in high schools.

After ending this career as player, became coach working for teams like AZ Alkmaar, Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Netherlands.

He has conquered several titles in his coach career:4 Dutch Leage; 1 Dutch Cup, 3 Dutch super cups ; 2 Spanish Leagues; 1 Spanish cup; 1 Bundesliga; 1 Deutsch Cup; 1 Deutsch super cup; 1 Uefa Cup; 2 Uefa super cups; 1 Intercontinental cup e 1 Uefa Champions League.

He likes his teams to play offensively (following Netherlands and Ajax style in the 70’s). His favorite system of play is: 1-4-3-3.

His trainning metodology is based on tactical-technical aspects, focusing in the players’ understanding of his phylosophy and ideas of play.

His proprity is to play on a collective way, above the individual skills (not worrying about leaving the start player out for an unknown young). He gives higher priority for the intelligence, choosing those he considers smarter.

His strong personality lets him say what he thinks, to players, managers and journalists. He is really self-confident on his high level of football knowledge.

There is a dutch joke: “What is the difference between Van Gaal and God? God knows he is not Van Gaal.”

Had a almost perfect qualification for the world cup, finishing first in group D, with 9 wins and 1 draw, scoring 34 goals and letting only 5.

After the world cup, Van Gaal will join Manchester United.


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By Pedro Mendonça

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