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Creative rondo games – part 2 – 1. MIDFIELD SECTOR GAMES


Set up: Pitch 20x30m; balls, cones …

Organization: Players play two specific games in order to create stereotypes of cooperation with the midfield players with two diferent exercise set up.
On the Place A players play 5vs3. Blue/red team aim is to play possesion as much as possible, and green team aim is to get the ball of possesion team and score on one of two goals placed on the transverse lines.
On the Place B players play 8vs4 game. Both team aim is to play possesion as much as possible. Green tem players are placed in order to tactical shape, on the transverse lines are placed central defenders, on the longitudinal lines are placed full- backs and side midfield players and into the space are placed two central midfield players. Blue/red team (attackers and two side midfielders) are placed into the playing area. Green team aim is to play 8vs4 possesion game as much as possible, same aim have also blue/red team but play 4vs2 into the playing area as close as possible far away from the line players. 1st 10 sec. players play 4vs2 possesion game, 2nd 10 sec. players play 4vs3-come one player from the side line …

Coaching points: To improve stereotypes of cooperation with midfielders
To improve pressing by the attackers
To improve tranzition in the game





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