Nov 15, 2019
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defenders work in the box. – 2 CENTER BACKS

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Central defenders in nowadays game are not just statues defending inside their own zones. They are now more dynamic, faster, agile, they also take big roles in attacks whether open play, set peices, or build up.

In this drill, the role for the defenders is to defend against a side ball coming from a prompt attack while they are running back to their zones, not in there waiting. The ploes are for forwards and the cones for defenders to turn around and do their jobs. On the whistle, the players start the run, the coach at a moment sends the ball to one side of his choice. The defenders and forwards do their roles based on the ball side. If the defenders intercept successfully, that is a point for them, if forwards get the ball, that is a point, and one more point added if they score. This should put the defenders in continuous pressure.

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