Jun 23, 2018
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Defensive pressure on the ball – 4. GAME

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Attacking v Defence

The GK or coach starts with the ball and plays to the 2 central attackers, as this happens the defenders get narrow and push up (pressure on the ball) GK/coach or even if it’s a defender in goals that you will rotate also pushes up a little to avoid balls in behind

Squeezing the middle and not allowing any gaps for passes through on goal is the aim, the attackers attmpt to either dribble through the red gate for a goal or pass into the 2 mini goals which would replicate a dangerous defense splitting pass. They can also score normally into the big goals.

Defenders should narrow in and squeeze the play, implementing the pressure cover techniques as a 4 and if they win the ball play into a mini goal.

Either work players position spicific or a good idea is if the defenders get success (attacking team don’t score) the teams swap over

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