‘Crossing under Favorable Conditions’ – Offensive Organization

Training Drill to the “Yellow Day” of Tactical Periodization Methodology (Day of the SubPrinciples and SubSubPrinciples with increased speed of the muscular contraction).

From the Amazon Book: “Tactical Periodization: A Practical Application for the Game Model of the FC Bayern Munich of Jupp Heynckes (2011-2013)”.

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This SubPrinciple of the 3rd Build Phase/Finishing Phase – Finishing Attacking Actions Efficiently, is characterized by ensuring that the players that execute the crosses into the box have the capability to read their team mates movements in the finishing zone: cross on the ground or in the air; first post or second post; cross back, etc. If no one is in finishing conditions, the cross should not be executed. If unable to cross the player should try to gain a corner or pass to a supporting player to enable the team mates to position themselves so to enable them to finish.


Organization: 4 v 3 + Keeper. The field is set as depicted.

Description: At the Coach’s signal, he makes a pass to the lateral zone near the box; the Winger tries to get to the ball before the Outside Back so to cross the ball to enable the finishing by either the Attacking Mid or the other Winger or the Center Forward. These three players are defended by two Center Backs. If the defending team wins the ball back it must pass it to the Coach.

Scoring: The Attacking team has up to ten seconds to score.





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