David Moyes is the Coach of Real Sociedad in La Liga.

Coach of Everton from 2002 to 2013, was the substitute of the legendary Alex Ferguson in Manchester United.

In this article we show one of his favorite practice present in UEFA Magazine – The Technician.

Videos and images created by sports software TacticalPad.



General Setup:

– Pitch dimensions depend on the number of players.

– It works best using six, seven, eight or nine-a-side.

– Both teams can score a goal in any of the three goals.

Key Points:

– Look to switch the play or look for forward, angled passes.

– Team in possession should try to receive the ball in between the opposing players.

– If you cannot score – keep possession!


Encourage Short-Quick Switch of Play - David Moyes

PRACTICE #2 – Progression 1

General Setup:

As above in Practice #1, but…

– Neither team can score in a goal that the ‘sweeper’ is protecting (player #4 of each team).

Key Points:

As above in Practice #1, but…

– Team in possession need to get their heads up to identify where the ‘sweeper’ is in order to eliminate him.

– This should encourage quicker movement off the ball.


Practice 2 - David Moyes

PRACTICE #3 – Progression 2 (Focus on Offense or Defense depending on the Coach’s Requirements)

General Setup:

– White team can score a goal in any of the three goals.

– White team cannot score in a goal that the ‘sweeper’ is protecting.

– Blue team attack the one full-size goal.


White Team…

– Build from back.

– Eliminate the ‘sweeper’ through quick ball movement.

Blue Team…

– Shape and position without the ball.

– Pressing from the front, if applicable.

Key Points:

– As above in Practice #1 and #2.

– Encourage positive attacking play (with an outcome).

– Switches, shots, crosses, one-twos.

– Defenders can shoot if goals are unguarded.


Practice 3 - David Moyes


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