FC Bayern Munich of Jupp Heynckes (2011-2013) SubPrinciple in Defensive Organization.

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7.1.1. 5ª Feira

This SubPrinciple of the 1st Defensive Phase – To Prevent the Build of the Offensive Game, guides the players that when the ball is with the opposing Keeper, feet or hands, in play or goal kicks or free kicks, the team must force him to play long.  The objective is to prevent the opponent from building from the back under control.  This also applies to all throw-ins anywhere on the field.

Example of an “Exercise” to the Day of the MacroPrinciples and SubPrinciples with increased duration of the muscular contraction.

Organization:  Keeper+10 v 10+Keeper.  Full field.

Description:  Normal game including the offside rule.

Scoring:  Each goal is worth 2 points.  A point is scored each time a team can play from the back measured by two consecutive passes (excludes the Keeper) from the goal kick or back third free kick or throw-ins.  The team that scores the most points in the predetermined time wins.

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