Gyorgy Mezey: Former Coach of FC Videoton (Hungary) and Head of the Puskas Academy.

In this article we show one of his favorite practice present in UEFA Magazine – The Technician.

Videos and images created by sports software TacticalPad.



To combine technical, tactical and fitness elements into a finishing exercise.


Gyorgy Mezey


– A player from each line plays a one-two and shoots at goal.

– The same players immediately take part in a 2v2 challenge, with a cross from the right.

– The same players continue forward and repeat the 2v2 challenge, this time with a cross from the left.

– The players then return to the back of their original line;

– The practice continues with the next two attackers.


At a top professional club, this can last up to 45 minutes. The target is for each player to complete ten runs. (The goals tally of each player is recorded).


– Work on combinations and finishing.

– Develop twin-striker movement and finishing (usually in the air) from well-delivered crosses.

– Maintain quality, despite intensity.


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