Howard Wilkinson – “Quick Break and Scoring from Crosses”

Howard Wilkinson: Winner of the England League in 1992 with Leeds United and Ex F.A. Technical Director.

In this article we show one of his favorite practice present in UEFA Magazine – The Technician.

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“Quick Break and Scoring from Crosses”


– Full pitch – with a central area marked.

– Two wingers for each team.

– 4v4 in midfield area plus one ‘floating player’ who plays for the team in possession.

– Two strikers opposed by two defenders, in each central attacking zone, and two goalkeepers.


Quick Break and Scoring from Crosses - Howard Wilkinson


– The Coach feeds a ball into one of the midfield teams of four. They retain the ball for at least five passes, using the ‘floater’ if needed, against the other midfield group.

– On scoring five passes, they pass the ball forward to the ‘foremost striker’ if possible, who is quickly supported by the deeper striker. The ball is then transferred to a winger who crosses the ball to the 2v2 situation in the box AND one midfield player who may break forward to get into a scoring position.

– Should the defending midfield team gain possession of the ball, they do not need to score five passes. They play the ball early to their strikers and one midfield player may break into a scoring position to attack the cross from the winger.



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By Pedro Mendonça

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