FC Barcelona: Training Session of the MSN team (2-6-2015)

Reaching the final days to the UEFA CL Final, we had the rate chance to watch a complete trainning session of the favorite Barcelona.

After winning the Copa del Rey last Saturday (30-5-2015) and resting for 2 days, the players of Barcelona had a trainning session targeting recovery of the starting XI and stimulation of the one who hasn’t played (or only for few minutes).

One of the main aspects was the evolution of the Goalkeepers, evidentiated by Brave and Ter Stefgen participation on almost the whole session with ball, like one of the field players.

1. Individual movement (2′):

Free movement of upper and lower members.

2. Keep-away 8v2 and 10v2 (10′):

With the team split in two groups (one with 10 an the other with 12, including GKs), they performed a in the groups a “Keep Away 8v2” and “Keep Away 10v2”. Only one touch allowed. The one for longer in the center would switch position abd after 20 passes without interception they applauded.

Meínhos 8x2 e 10x2

3. Dynamic stretching and high intensity start and change of direction(2 minutes):

Team split in 3 groups. Each group in line. The 1st would dynamically stretch ordered by the coach with a zigzag with 3 sticks and accelerating 12-15 m. Then would come the next one. Each player performed 4 times.

4. Re-hydration (2 minutes).

5. “Passing game – 4 groups” (8 minutes):

Team split in 4 groups. Each group in 1/4 of the field. With the signal of the coach, the groups begin a sequences of passes (as in the following video) and for 1’30” they should do the most number of routes possible. The 3 groups with less routes were punished with push-ups. After recovering, the would start again.

6. Re-hydration (2 minutes).

7. Keeping the ball – “4v4 with 3 Offensive Jokers” and “4v4 with 2 Offensive Jokers” (10 minutes):

Team split in 2 groups (one with 11 and the other with 10)

In the group with 11 players, they performed “4v4 with 3 offensive jokers” situation in which the team with 4 players tried to keep possession with the aid of 3 offensive jokers (2 in the side lines and 1 in the center) against the 4 opponents. When the ball was lost, they switch position, with the 4 forwards trying to recover it and the 4 defensive trying to keep it. Two sessions of 3’30” with interval.

In the group with 10 players, the situation was a “4v4 with 2 offensive jokers” where one team with the support of the 2 offensive jokers would try to keep the ball against the 4 defenders. When the ball was lost, the defenders tried to keep possession playing wide with the 4 forwards trying to recover with pressure. One of the players in the forwards group should play centralized to support the mates to keep ball possession. Two repetitions of 3’30” with interval of 1’30”.

8. “GK+4×4+GK with 1 offensive joker” (25 minutes):

This situation had only the players who hasn’t played (or only for few minutes) in the previous match. The starters only watched it while doing stretches, re-hydration, crunch, etc

In a space corresponding to two penalty areas (shortly reduced in width) the two teams of 5 players matched (GK+4) faced with the support of one offensive joker for the team with the ball. Two parts of 10′ with 2′ interval.

GR+4x4+GR com 1 Joker Ofensivo

Here is the link for the full session in video:



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By Pedro Mendonça

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