FC Barcelona: Training session of the day before the UEFA CL 2015 Final Match

In this post we will breakdown the trainning session of 5-6-2015 of FC Barcelona, winner of the Champions League 2014/2015.

This is the session of the day before the final match. A fantastic opportunity to see the pre-game session of one of the best teams in the world.

Video and images created using software TacticalPad (click to visit trial page).

1. Individual movement (2′):

Free movement of upper and lower members.

2. Keep away 20v3 (10′):

With all the team in the center circle, they played a keep away of 20v2 (1 touch). 20 players on the oustide trying to reach 20 consecutive passes without interception. The 3 in the middle trying to touch the ball and switch with the passer.

3. Dynamic stretching and muscular power(2 minutes):

Every player performed several dynamic stretching and exercises for muscular power indicated by the coach.

4. Re-hydration (2 minutes).

5. “Retaining the ball 8v8 with 4 offensive jokers” (8 minutes):

In the space delimited by the yellow cones (in one of the halves, between the penalty area and the ed of the central circle) two teams played with 8 players, the one with the ball had the support of 4 offensive jokers, having a superiority of 12v8.

The players of the attacking team placed themselves around the circle, keeping 4 players inside to support the ball movement (2 jokers and 2 players) playing the Big Field.

The players without the ball tried to quickly recover it (doing the Small Field).

After recovering/losing the ball, the teams quickly switched position (fast transition).

One series of 3 minutes, repeating after 1 minute of recovery. This time with a smaller width, playing to the side line limited by the red cones..

6. Re-hydration (2 minutes).

7. Shooting 3×0+GK (10 minutes):

Team split in two groups of 10 players. Each group in one of the halves, close to the penalty area. One after the other would pass the ball to the player in front, in one touch to the player closest to the side line, who would return the ball to the first one to shoot from outside of the area. The player closest to the GK was allowed to shoot the rebound. Then would come the next group.

After 5 minutes the players would switch positions.

8. Hit the post (10 minutes)

Each player would shoot trying to hit the post from the semi-circle of the penalty area.

Remates do Semi-Círculo

9. Penalty kicks (5 minutes)

Alternately, each player kicked a penalty.


Here is the full video of the training session:


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By Pedro Mendonça

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