RAFEL POL TRAINING METHODOLOGY–IST FC BARCELONA 2014/15: EXERCISES “BLUE DAY” Exercise created by Pedro Mendonça for TacticalPedia (www.tacticalpedia.com) Exercise #7 – “Keeper+3 v 3+Keeper”: Description: Game situation Keeper+3 v 3+Keeper. Teams composed of 3 players who have to complete 4 passes amongst themselves without being intercepted in the delimited space. Once the passes are completed they can use the field to attempt scoring a goal. The game can carry on in the full space until there is a game stoppage or the Keeper makes a save. Objectives: – Resolving game situations in a very reduced space; – Resolution of finishing situations with even numbers; – 1v1 situations; – Space protection to prevent the opposing team from creating finishing situations; – Balanced control of the spaces; – Changes of game density. Thoughts: It’s important to adjust the spaces to our player characteristics.

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