FIFA Grassroots: ‘6 to 8 years old – Running with the Ball/Passing’

FIFA Grassroots: ‘6 to 8 years old – Running with the Ball/Passing’


Children’s Characteristics – JUST A CHILD:

  • Fragile, developing quickly, difficulties with coordination.
  • Short attention and concentration spans.
  • Excellent facility for imitation (visual memory).
  • Likes playing, plays for him/herself, egocentrism.
  • Enjoyment of the game.

The Coach-Educator’s Role – HAVING FUN THROUGH FOOTBALL:

  • Supervises games, reassures and motivates.
  • Demonstrates the exercises.
  • Simple, expressive language.
  • Limited intervention / letting the children play.
  • Teaching by encouragement.

Training Content – PLAYING, ENJOYING:

  • Basic football technique, coordination exercises.
  • Introductory games, getting used to the ball.
  • Small-sided games: 4v4 and 5v5 matches.
  • Alternating matches, introductory games and exercises.
  • Balanced groups or teams.

Training Session:

1. Warm-up -‘The Hawk Game’

The players stand on a line, each with a ball. Another player, without a ball, faces them. He/she is the “hawk”. Upon the signal, the players try to get to the other side of the pitch controlling the ball with their feet. The hawk tries to catch as many players as possible by tapping them on the shoulder. Points are counted. Each player takes it in turn to be the hawk.


2. Match 1 – ‘2v2 / 3v3 – Crossing the Line’:

The players are divided into teams of two or three (depending on the number of children). A point is scored by crossing the goal line with ball at feet. Duration: 1-2 minutes. Rotation of teams to change opponents.


3D Video:

3. Exercise – ‘Running with the Ball and Passing’:

Groups of at least three players are formed. Player #2 runs with the ball using the inside of the left foot, goes around the cone and passes to player #3, still using the inside of the left foot. Player #2 then runs to take the place of player #3. Player #3 runs with the ball using the right foot, goes around the cone and passes to player #4 with the inside of the right foot and then runs to take player #4’s place, and so on.


3D Video:

4. Match 2 – ‘GK+3v3+GK’:

Two teams of four face each other on a reasonably-sized pitch (with goalkeeper and substitutes). If there are enough children, a three- team tournament is also possible. Free play; coach keeps a low profile; dribbling encouraged.


5. To Conclude – ‘Accuracy Game’:

Each player has a ball. The players face a line drawn on the pitch a certain distance away and then each one strikes the ball to try to get it to stop as close to the line as possible. The closest to the line wins a point. The game consists of several rounds.


3D Video:


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