Netherlands: Ideas and System of Play

Netherlands is one of the top national teams in the world.

Using TacticalPad Software ( we will analyse the team managed by Louis Van Gaal.

Louis Van Gaal applies the 1-4-3-3 system of play:

Holanda 11 Tipo

This system of play for Van Gaal is the one that allows the highest number of line best occupying the space of the game (and is the simplest for the players)

1433 - 9 linhas de jogo

It is also the system of play where there is a constant creation of triangles among the player, always gibing two passing option everywhere the ball is (in the middle of the field there are even more options)

1433 Triângulos

The idea of play can be summarized this way:

Ofensive Transition: Leave the pressure zone and keep the ball safe -> Ofensive Organization:Work the ball through various channels, keeping possession and breaking down the opponent’s defensive organization -> Defensive Transition: Press the opponent where the ball possession was lost, trying to recover it or reorganize the defense -> Defensive organization: Force opponent play using zonal marking -> Offensive Transition



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By Pedro Mendonça

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