Exercise from the ebook Teaching Soocer Italian Style – Available for iPad at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teaching-soccer-italian-style/id903908631?mt=8

Activity that has as objective working actions in three field sectors where there is numerical superiority in offensive areas. Moreover it takes work the cooperation game with the midfield sector. The activity is as follows:

The field is arranged in three squares (15×20 m each).
Both teams have: 3 forwards, 2 midfielders and two defenders. (if the team has more than 18 players 16+2; the coach can change the number of the players in all zones, but trying to maintain a numerical superiority in the attacking zone, the same number of the players in the middle and an inferiority in the defensive zone). All the players have to stay in the square; they can’t enter in the other squares. In this way there will be a numerical superiority in the attacking zone.


* Coach can introduce the rule that, before the shoot, one player of the team in possession of the ball for each zone has to touch the ball.
* Coach can give the possibility, for one player of the adjacent zone to enter in the other zone to create more superiority (for example, a player can enter in the zone of the player who passes the ball)
* Coach can introduce a Jolly to increase this numerical superiority.
* Coach can introduce a limited number of the touches for all the players.


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