Jul 6, 2016
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José Mourinho: ‘Excitement will be back to Old Trafford’

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José Mourinho’s MUTV Interview – 5/7/2016

‘I work a lot to have my team prepared for every possible situation’

Playing Style of José Mourinho:

  • Vertical game with much intensity – ‘I like the ball possession as a way to create a chance to be vertical’:

  • Transition Game – ‘I’m not afraid to lose the ball’:

  • Defend well is very important: ‘By the defensive point of view everybody is trying to defende better, the lines are much more compact, the central area is much more occupied and you give space to opponents in the sides not in the central area. You compact lines in a short space’:

Defensive Organization

Importance of Pre-Season:

  • Know the players that José Mourinho don’t know well.
  • Accelerate the process of evolution of young players.
  • To work, to be together, to know each other.
  • Trying to give the team the principles of José Mourinho (very objective and simple to the players).

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