In the quarter finals of UEFA CL Chelsea defeated Paris SG. In the end of the match Mourinho mentioned: “We have trained several different systems, all of which we used. The players knew what they had to do .Demba Ba made a crucial finish for us.”. We will now show the context of practicing (exercises) that may help coaches to turn around difficult situations following Mourinho’s example in this match.

Until the 65′ Chelsea was playing in 1-4-2-3-1 system and won by one nilm but needing to score one more goal.Chelsea FC 1 At this moment, Mourinho substituted Lampard by Demba Ba, going from 1-4-2-3-1 to1-4-4-2 rhombus. Then the offensive organization was now based to direct connection to Demba Ba. Chelsea FC 2 The final substitution of Oscar by Torres kept 1-4-4-2 but with the ball possession, Fernando Torres moved to the wide area, then Chelsea started playing with 3 wingers. Chelsea FC 3 Now we will show how to train the Direct Game used by Mourinho in this matchm following the principles of the tactical periodization.

Blue day” (day of the subprinciple and subsubprinciples of high muscular contraction).

Exercise context n. 1:

Exercise context n. 2:

“Green Day” (Day of the Macroprinciples and subprinciples with long high muscular contraction):

Exercise context n. 3:

Exercise context n. 4:

“Yellow Day” (Day of the Subprinciples and subsubprinciples of high speed of high muscular contraction):

Exercise context n. 5:

Exercise context n. 6:

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