José Mourinho for Kids (1st Half)

General Ideas from José Mourinho for Kids Training:

– We must have a structure and an objective in the Session.

– The coach must organize things with progression.

– The kids have to understand really the objectives of the exercises.

– They have to bring to the Game (11v11 situation), what they learn, what they practice during the day, during the week, during the months and during the years of their formation.

– They have to enjoy the game, and be prepared for be a successful person in the future.

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Pedro Mendonça

1. Positional Pass

Team divided in groups of 10 players. Warm-Up drill (including the ball and the skill). Pass and follow the pass at a light run. The 1st control is important. Beware with the pass and reception quality as well the ball velocity.


JM - Positional Pass

TacticalPad Video:


2. Ball Possession – Communication and Concentration (5+5)v(5+5) with 4 Goalkeepers

Team divided in 4 groups of 5 players, each group with a different color. Play (5+5)v(5+5) with 4 Gk giving outside support to the groups with the ball. For example, blues plays with reds against browns and blacks after some time the Coach change the groups that play with each other and so on. In this exercise the communication work is necessary (they need to not pass to a wrong group). Insist in a good occupation of space; take the ball of the pressure zone; quick thinking and develop the GK game with the foots.


Ball Possession - C & C

TacticalPad Video:


3. Positional Play – 4 zones (6v4)

Game 4v4 with 2 offensive supporters. In a rectangle divided in 4 zones play 1 blue versus 1 red (they cannot leave the zone) in each zone, with the 2 brown giving options to the players with the ball. The objective is create 3v1 situations and take the ball from one zone to the others. The offensive players without the ball in the others zones must create space. The 2 brown players must give dynamic to the exercise. This help to develop the ball possession capacity.


Positional Play

TacticalPad Video:


4. Positional Play – Support: 10v(6+4)

Game 10v(6+4). The 10 players try to enter with the ball controlled in the Penalty. The 6 defenders inside the square try to win the ball possession and then put the ball to one of the 4 outside players, they win point when the ball arrives to the 9. The Central Back of the blue team can enter inside the square and prevent that the other team enter inside the penalty box. The reds Central Backs must close the pass to the opposite forward (this can give some depth).


Positional Play - Supports

TacticalPad Video:



DVD: Football for Kids by José Mourinho


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