José Mourinho for Kids (2nd half)

General Ideas from José Mourinho for Kids Training:

– We must have a structure and an objective in the Session.

– The coach must organize things with progression.

– The kids have to understand really the objectives of the exercises.

– They have to bring to the Game (11v11 situation), what they learn, what they practice during the day, during the week, during the months and during the years of their formation.

– They have to enjoy the game, and be prepared for be a successful person in the future.

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Pedro Mendonça

5. Composed Finishing: 2v0+Gk

The players finalize 2v0+GK after a cross from the lateral zone. After the finalization they go to behind the opposite Goal and the 2 players up front begin and so on. Beware with the quality and velocity of the pass.


Composed Finishing

TacticalPad Video:


6. Progressive Complexity Play

Team divided in 2 groups. Each player of each group is numbered from 1 to 5. The Coach call a number and the respective players go and play. After a while the Coach can call other(s) number(s).  If the attacker receive the ball and the defender is far, he rotate and finalize; if the defender is near he plays with the GK. The defender must arrive near the attacker quickly, if he wins the ball he can finalize in the other Goal. The play only stop when the Coach says.


Progressive Complexity Play

TacticalPad Video:


7. Positional Play – Gk+5v5+Gk

Game Gk+5v5+Gk. Field divided in 3 zones. In the defensive and attacking zones plays 1v1. In the central zone play 3v3. Only 1 midfield player can leave his zone when the ball is on the attacking player (creating a 2v1 situation). The attacker can create depth spaces, no offside rule applied in the offensive construction. 


Positional Play - Gk+5v5+Gk

TacticalPad Video:


8. Offensive Work and Defensive Rotation

Game 2Gk+10v10+Gk in half field with 3 Goals. Team who defend the 2 Goals must positioning in relation with the ball movement. The team who attacks the 2 Goals must alternate the ball from one lateral zone to the other.


Offensive Work and Defensive Rotation

TacticalPad Video:



DVD: Football for Kids by José Mourinho


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