Laureano Ruiz Game-1

Drill : 1

Age group: 7-8


* Running with the ball.
* Dribbling
* Winning the ball
* Changing from defense to attack.

The Game:

Pitch size: 10 * 5 Meters
Goal: 2 small goals
The player with Brown bib plays against the player with Black bib and tries to get past him and run up to the goal and score. If he achieves this or if he loses the ball, the player with Black bib plays against the player Yellow bib. Then Yellow plays against the brown. The winner is

the player who scores the most goals. A mini-competition can be arranged with various phases. In 15 minutes there are 3 phases lasting 5 minutes.

Common Problems:

* The players shoot instead of ‘ walking’ the ball into the goal.
* They try and pass the ball into the goal but miss the target.
* In both cases no goal is awarded and the player loses possession.

Game Model by : Laureano Ruiz

Created by: Ujjal Chatterjee ( Tacticalpad)


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By Ujjal Chatterjee

Ujjal is a passionate young football coach. He has full-time undergraduate degree in football coaching and performance analysis from University of South Wales. UEFA C and undertook B licence. Previously worked with Sheffield FC (world's first football club), Cardiff City Academy development (internship) and part of various courses and seminar in England , Scotland , Wales and Germany. Fluent in English and working proficiency in Deutsch.

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