Manchester United x FC Bayern Munich: chronicle of an elimination foretold


Despite surviving the first left, truth be told, Manchester United of David Moyes has a small chance to qualify to the UEFA Champions League semi-finals.

One of the reason for this prognosis is explained by the scientif study of Vogelbein, M. et al. (2014): Defensive transition in soccer – are prompt possession regains a measure of success? from “Journal of Sports Sciences”, where it is concluded that how fast you recover the ball after losing it is a determining factor to achieve success in football.

That, immediate recovering of the ball, is exactly what Bayern Munich managed by Guardiola has as it Great Principle of Game at the Momement of Defensive Transition.

Few of their conducts (SubPrinciples) that allow the success of the recovering the ball after losing it are listed below::

1. Fast change of mental state(from offensive to defensive)

2. Get close to where the ball was lost (collective attitude):

Aproximar da bola

Other important aspects:

– To succeed it is important that the forwards know that they shall keep the offensive mental state always, even when they don’t possess the ball, be offensive recovering the ball as quick as possible;

– Do not forget that to the Defensive Transition to succeed (recovering the ball) it is really important that the Offensive Organization (with ball possession) allows Não esquecer que para esta Transição Defensiva ter êxito (recuperação imediata da bola) é muito importante que a Organização Ofensiva (quando têm a bola) allows it to happen just after (most of Bayern’s success of immediate recovering of ball possession comes from the fact that the team is ready to do it even beforing losing the ball).


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By Pedro Mendonça

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