Apr 16, 2015
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Total Game Amplitude: Width & Depth in the Offensive Moment Any Which Way

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For a football team to demonstrate a quality Game it has to make a Big Field when in the offensive moment.

This Big Field is accomplished with players open wide near the side lines as well as players providing depth.

In the Portuguese Coaching vernacular there is a term to describe Width and Depth on Offense: Amplitude. The Total Game Amplitude is achieved in different ways by top teams. Often width is achieved through Wing Forwards other times with Wing Backs.


In the goal Bayern scored vs FC Porto in its 1-3 loss, Boateng showed his Game knowledge when he ensured Game Amplitude at a time neither the Wing Forwards or Wing Backs were able to. (Note: Boateng showed that knowledge once more in the second leg by being the deepest player in the corner follow-up and scoring the second goal).

The situation started as Xabi Alonso opted to pass to a team mate at the edge of the box instead of crossing into the box.


From this point all players were out of position; recognizing that situation Boateng realized no one was guaranteeing the Space Principle (one of the Futebol Game’s Specific Attacking Principles), e.g. no wide player on the right of Bayern’s attack.


The Attacking Space Principle is fundamental for some of the following reasons:

– When the team uses the maximum amplitude of the field of play when we attack, it spreads the distance of opposing defending team.  With this approach it becomes much more difficult to create defensive coverages to the ball carrier, hence easier to beat him.

– Able to play the ball into spaces the opposing team has limited pressure as they put higher pressure around the ball. This allows us to ensure we have strong options to keep make the appropriate decisions to keep possession.

As the play evolved, Boateng moved wide right ensuring a Total Game Amplitude.  His team mate switched the point of attack passing Boateng the ball;  Boateng went on to serve to the second post to make the score 1-2.


Boateng’s decision is not happen-chance.  He has played right-back often in his career hence he can recognize the game situation.  Therefore, for players to learn the game more effectively it’s critical they play various positions on the field.

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