Jan 25, 2015
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Keep-Away 4 v 1 w/ Dribble

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Exercise with the following objectives:

  • To develop the passing capability, ball control, and the dribble capacity;
  • To develop the individual defensive organization (defensive position);
  • To develop the capacity to “transition” quickly: from offense to defense, and from defense to offense.

Video and images created in the sporting software, TacticalPad (click on this link to access the trial demo).


– 4v1 Keep-Away;

– Divide the players into groups of in a 7×7 meters square;

– The four players on the edge of the square guard a 4 meters goal.  They play a 2 touch keep-away with the objective to having 10 consecutive passes.

– If the player in the “middle” wins possession tries to score in of the goals by dribbling / faking the opponent and crossing the goal line with the ball under control.  The player scored upon goes to the “middle”.




Author:  Pedro Mendonça (Click on this link to check the book published by Pedro)

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