Exercise with the following objectives:

– Develop the pass and ball control;

– Develop the Offensive Organization by Sector (defensive sector) and associated Defensive Transition;

– Develop the Defensive Organization by Sector (attacking sector) and associated Offensive Transition.

Video and images created in sports software TacticalPad (click here to obtain the free demo).


– Keep-Away Keeper+4 v 3 v 4+Keeper

– Field dimensions equivalent to the big box.  In each box there is a Keeper and 4 backs (2 Outside Backs and 2 Center Backs).  There are 3 attacking players moving between boxes depending the ball position;

– The players of the defensive sectors (2 Keepers and 8 Defenders) circulate the ball amongst themselves (limited to their positions and boxes).  The objective is to make 20 consecutive passes while the 3 forwards try to win possession.  For every 20 consecutive passes they score a point.

– If the ball is recovered by the attacking players they immediately try to score in the box where they won possession.




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