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    counter attacks – 4. 4V4, 4V2, 2V2

    The team with the ball will have to perform set number of passes before the dare to attack the goal. The goal keeper will...

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    counter attacks – 3. RONDO, TRANSFER, ATTACK

    In this drill, the 2teams will compete in rondo first. The team with the ball will have to pass the ball to the neutral...

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    counter attacks – 2. 2 COUNTER ATTACKS IN ONE

    This is a drill where the attacking team will first attack the goal, then they will counter attack to pass through the gate to...

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    counter attacks – 1. COUNTER ATTACK, TIMED

    In this drill, each team will have to perform 2 attacks at one goal. When finished, they transfer quickly to the next goal with...

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    Multi Task – 3. PROGRESSION 3

    In this 2v2 multi task game, the defenders will have to force forwards out. They will try to delay them with high pressure but...

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