Jul 8, 2014
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Mineiraço: The seven “deadly” sins of Brazil in the greatest football humiliation of its history

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The semifinal between Brazil and Germany will be on the records forever.

The strong victory of germany will be always remembered in the sport history (both for the large result and the Brazilian hope of winning the cup as host)

Hero in 2002, Luiz Felipe Scolari now turns into the villain.

Below we discuss the several errors that lead Germany to an unthinkable 5-0 in the halft time.



3D lineups created using TacticalPad.

1st goal:

Corner kick. Mixed marking (4 individually and rest in zonal marking).


Germany players took advantage of brazilian individual marking moving the brazilian to the first post while Klose did a screeningto David Luiz, responsible for Muller that became free to move with no opponent.


IN the image we can see Muller completely free in a zone that it shall never be allowed. The game must be played as a team, showing that zone marking in corner kick and other free kicks is more adequate to protect sensitive areas, avoiding players to be dragged away from them by the opponent, as occurred with the individual marking.


2nd Goal:

Team badly positioned in the defense (free spaces between players and no pressure on the ball). In the image you can see how Oscar does not close the space, allowing a pass to the center. Also see how Fernandinho and Bernard are bad positioned, they should be closer to Luiz Gustavo, who is pressing the ball keeper (Bernard is even not in the line to the midfield).

2aFernandinho tried to intercept the pass but didn’t succeed.

2bKroos had the ball in a great position and Dante did not pressure him, giving time and space to thinj and see Muller moving behind the defense. Here Muller took advantage of Marcelo terrible positioning, not putting in line with the defense mates.


3rd Goal:

Again the defensive organization is bad positioned with the center no closing the corridor between the midfield line and the defensive line, allowing the opponents to freely receive the ball in this area.


After that we can check the lack of defensive support by the winger Bernard, allowing Kroos to be free in the penalty area and shoot to the goal.



4th Goal:

In the first step of the construction of the offensive organization, Dante passes to Fernandinho, that is turned to his own goal and is immediately pressed by Kroos.


Fernandinho took too long to pass the ball and lost its possession. Should have passed to a team mate turned to the ‘front of the game’.


We can also see in the previous and next images how only Dante and Fernandinho reacted after losing the possession and tried to avoid Germany’s goal. David Luiz and Luiz Gustavo didn’t react,allowing a 2×2 situation with Germany’s forwards.


5th Goal:

Again it begins in the first phase of offensive construction when David Luiz blindly sends the ball forwards, reaching Hummels.


Hummels had space to move forward in the center corridor. Oscar, Hulk and Fernandinho did not protect this area.


5dFinally pressed by David Luiz and Luiz Gustavo passed to a mate. Again Marcelo wasn’t in the aligned in the defensive line.


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