The Argentina’s Maracanazo: “Few errors that lead to the defeat in the World Cup final”

In the WOrld Cup final, Argentina had great oportunities to equalize Germany’s number of championships (3).

But they failed to score and in a defensive error lost the match.

Now Germany has 4, getting closer to Brazil’s five record.

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Germany’s starting lineup:


Argentina starting lineup:


Usually a final is decided by a defensive error (it actually happened in this one too), but Argentina shall complain a lot of the lack of precision of his strikers.

1. Higuain’s error facing only Neuer:

Higuain in an offside position got a really gift from Kroos got completely free to face the goalkeeper.

1. Higuain 1

But instead of getting inside to the penalty area (moving to the penalty spot, where would have a better angle to choose where to shoot) and protect the ball using this back (what could lead to a penalty and red card) to get closer to the GK and decide which post to put the ball, he instead decided to shoot from outside the penalty area.

1. Higuain 2

We can see here that in any level it os possible to improve players’ performances. That’s why we have Trainning context so that can improve the “Progeression to the goal when free”. We will show an example for each of the days of the Tactical Periodization.

“Blue day”:

Descrição: Situation 1×0+GK. The striker, from the penalty spot, runs to the semicricle to get a ball and try to score facing only the GK and then return to get another ball until time runs out (30s to 1 minute). See what player scores more goals.

“Green day”:

Descrição: Game situation GK+9(1)x9(1)+GK with 1 Defensive Joker. In the midfield the two teams shall try to pass with the ball through the last line of the opponent (line of cones). When a team recover the possession shall get it immediately to the forward that is positioned in the opponent midfield (close to the last line of oponnent’s cones). This forward shall try to score facing opponent’s two deffender and goalkeeper.

“Yellow day”:

Descrição: Two game situations of 1×0+GK. Forwards start from the penalty spot and run to reach the ball in the semicircle and then try to score facing the goalkeeper. The winner is the top scorer.

2. Higuain’s lack of attention when Germany was unbalanced:

As we can see in the image, the central defenders of Germany went to mark Messi, while the sidebacks had to cover the center area. Messi noticing it, passed to a free Lavezzi in the right.

2 Higuain 1

But Higuain wasn’t in a goo day. In a good position to strike, he hasn’t paid attention to Hummels position and got offised. When a forward is in the back of the centerback he shall use him as a reference not to get offside.

2. Higuain 2

3. Lack of competitive focus of Higuain:

When Argentina had a throw-in, the argentinan nearest player hurried to the ball. But Higuain lack of attention led him not to watch it.

3 Higuain 1

This failure made the team lost this good oportunity to get the throw-in in a good position (the defense wasn’t positioned it).

In high level, every small detail can make the difference. The coach shall train his team to be ready for situations like playing ‘home’ and quickly restarting the game. Surely ther will be this kind of goals during the season and they may lead to a championship. As another advantage the trainning sessions will be more intense with a fast restart.

4. Palacio failed facing the goalkeeper:

As Higuain did in the 1st half, Palacio was facing Neuer completely free and disn’t score the goal that would probably lead to the title.

5. Palacio 1

But his shoot wasn’t as fast as Higuain’s. He took the ball close to the GK but instead of dribbling him, he decided to put over him, but didn’t succeed.

5. Palacio 2

5. Gotze’s goal, the title goal:

The centerbacks were bad positioned (not covering the right sideback) ignoring the basic subprinciple of defensive organization “Be instead of arriving”.

6. Gotze 1

So Gotze put himself between them with no opposition (Demichelis wasn’t marking and Garay wasnt’ covering correctly) and received the ball to score the winning goal.

6. Gotze 2


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