One of the main traits a winning football team must have is the ability to re organize when lose the ball. It usually means going back to the line up formation. To go back to your starting position is usually a mission for the defenders. In higher levels, we see more teams develop high pressure against the opponents’ players by their forwards and some midfield players busy with the marking. Anyway, these drills will introduce the youngsters to re organizing back after losing the ball.

In this simple drill, the players will go back to their zones after delivering the ball to the their mate at the other side. The play starts with a pass by the coach in the middle zone. The player who receives the ball passes back to the number 2. Now players are allowed to pass the middle line under mild pressure by their opponents. Once they deliver the ball, they should move back, touch the pole, then to their starting positions. The opponents now start their turn. After some turns, add more pressure to the drill by setting seconds to successfully deliver the ball to their target, some seconds to re organize, and apply higher pressure by opponents.

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