Jul 11, 2017
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Passing and Rotation Play for Midfielders – 1. VIDEO

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This drill was designed to work on midfield rotation. It consists on a 5v5+3+2 possession. Neither the attackers nor the defenders have any conditions in terms of positioning on the pitch or space limitations. The conditions remain on the midfielders, who always play with the attacking team (they are offensive floaters) and must keep a triangular shape all the time within the 10mx10m boxes. Midfielders can not leave their box, but the defenders can go inside to tackle them (which will create free spaces at the back that can be occupied by the attackers). The objective of the attacking team is to bring the ball from one end to the other. When accomplished, the floater at the end of the pitch will start the action with the other team, forcing a rotation in midfield. The two floaters at the end can not come into the pitch.

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