Tactical Periodization: Blue day – “Immediate pressure to the ball carrier”

An example of the the trainning for the SubPrinciple: “Immediate pressure to the ball carrier”


Tem splitted in 4 groups of 5 players (the diagram shows only one of the groups). 3 players with a ball place side by side in one the 8x8m squares (stations 1,2,3)..Another player stays in the zone between the sideline and the penalty area (station 4 – doing exercises of ball control using both feet, no opposition). One player without the ball (station 4 – represented in a different color) tries to recover ball possession from the player in 8x8m squares (stations 1,2,3), he has 5s for recovering each of the balls, If it is achieved, kick it (pass) out of the square. If time runs out, quickly moves to the next square and repeat the exercise (may not take more than 50s total). At the end, move counterclockwise and assume next station. Each player executes twice each station role. The winner of the exercise is the one that has recovered more balls.


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By Pedro Mendonça

About Pedro Mendonça: Real Madrid Foundation - Football Coach/Professor. UEFA B Football Coach. Physical Education Teacher. Author of: "Tactical Periodization: A Practical Application for the Game Model of FC Bayern Munich"

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